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Union County Revolutionary War Sites - Union County New Jersey
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Berkeley Heights

Willcocks & Badgley Cemetery
Cataract Hollow Rd
Within The Deserted Village


Crane's Mills Monument
Crane's Park, on Riverside Dr.

Crane's Ford Monument
Springfield Ave. and Riverside Dr.

Crane-Phillips House Museum
124 North Union Ave.
(next to the Presbyterian Church)


First Presbyterian Church / Cemetery
42 Broad St.

Site of the Old Academy
42 Broad St.
(next to the Presbyterian Church)

Union County Courthouse
   • Union County Seal
   • Revolutionary War Cannon

2 Broad St.

Minuteman Statue
Elizabeth Ave. and High St.
(Union Square)

Boxwood Hall
1073 East Jersey St.

Washington Inaugural Monument
Winfield Scott Plaza

St. John's Episcopal Church
61 Broad St.

Elizabeth Public Library
(Site of the Red Lion Inn)
11 S Broad St.

Bonnell House
1045 East Jersey Avenue

New Providence

Presbyterian Church Cemetery
1307 Springfield Ave.


Drake House
602 West Front St.

Site of the Blue Hills Fort & Camp
Green Brook Park

Jesse Dolbeer House
(also known as the Lampkin House)

850 Terrill Rd.


Rahway Cemetery /
Abraham Clark Gravesite

St. Georges Ave.

Rahway Historic Marker
St. Georges Ave. and W. Grand Ave.

Terrill Tavern
At the Merchant and Drovers Tavern Museum
1623 St. Georges Ave.

Spanktown Historic Marker
St. Georges Ave.
Outside Rahway River Park

Horsehead Copper Monument
St. Georges Ave.
Across from Rahway River Park


Abraham Clark Memorial House
101 West Ninth Ave.

Roselle Park

Galloping Hill Road Monument
Galloping Hill Rd. and Colonial Rd.

Scotch Plains

Battle of the Short Hills Monument
1210 Raritan Rd.

Osborn Cannonball House
1840 Front St.

John Baldwin Osborn House
2117 Westfield Avenue

Frazee House
1451 Raritan Rd.

Stage House Inn
336 Park Ave.

Dolbeer (Dolbier)House
1230 Terrill Rd

Terry Well
Rahway Rd. and Cooper Rd.

Scotch Plains Baptist Church Cemetery
333 Park Avenue

Old Baptist Parsonage
347 Park Ave.


Battle of Springfield Marker
and Cannonball House

126 Morris Ave.

Colonel Israel Memorial
Rahway Bridge
Morris Ave.

Presbyterian Church
210 Morris Ave.

Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Church Mall

Battle Ground Cemetery
39 Mountain Ave.

Presbyterian Gateway Cemetery
101 Taft Ln.


"Old Sow" Cannon and Signal Beacon Plaque
226 Hobart Ave.


Connecticut Farms Presbyterian Church
888 Stuyvesant Ave.

Liberty Hall Museum
1003 Morris Ave.

Caldwell Parsonage
909 Caldwell Ave.

Battle of Connecticut Farms Signs
Morris Ave. near Colonial Ave.
Caldwell Ave. and Elmwood Ave.
Vauxhall Rd. and Stuyvesant Ave.
Morris Ave. near Spruce St.
Stuyvesant Ave. and Elmwood Ave.

March to Battle of Springfield Sign
Vauxhall Rd. and Burnet Ave.


Presbyterian Church / Cemetery
East Broad St. and Mountain Ave.

Downer Well Cap
East Broad St. and Mountain Ave.

Gallows Hill Plaque
East Broad St. and Gallows Hill Rd.