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Wharton State Forest, New Jersey Revolutionary War Sites
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Revolutionary War New Jersey
Batsto Village - Wharton State Forest NJ
Wharton State Forest in the Revolutionary War

Batsto Village - Wharton State Forest NJ

Batsto Village
Route 542
Map / Directions to Batsto Village

For hours, admission and tour info, see the Batsto Village Website

Charles Read of Burlington, New Jersey, "the most noted ironmaster in West Jersey prior to the Revolution," founded Batsto Iron Works here in 1766.  Batsto passed through two other owners, John Cox and then Joseph Ball, during the Revolutionary War era, when the iron works supplied the Continental Army with many products, including "munitions, camp kettles, iron fastenings and fittings for artillery caissons, wagons, and ships." The grounds were later used for glassmaking, for agriculture and for the manufacturing of forest products. The iron works were in operation until the 1850's. [1]

George Washington purchased four monogrammed firebacks (used to line the back of fireplaces) that were made at Batsto Iron Works. Two of these are still at Mount Vernon, Washington's Virginia home. [2]

Batsto Village is a very interesting place, and there is much to see. Please note that the buildings and structures which still exist here, including the Mansion shown above, date to after the Revolutionary War era. However, the visitor center has a museum which details the entire history of Batsto Village, including the Revolutionary War period.

Revolutionary War New Jersey

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2. ^ Explanatory sign in the museum room in the Batsto Village Visitors Center.