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Rockleigh, New Jersey Revolutionary War Sites
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Revolutionary War New Jersey
Abraham A. Haring House
Rockleigh, New Jersey

Abraham A. Haring House
Peirmont Rd. near Rockleigh Rd.
Map / Directions to the Abraham A. Haring House

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This house is a private residence.
Please respect the privacy and property of the owners.

This house was built around 1758 by Abraham A. Haring on his 200-acre farm. The smaller kitchen wing was added to the house circa 1812.

Abraham A. Haring served in the Revolutionary War as captain in the Bergen County Militia. British troops captured Haring, and he was imprisoned in New York City. The British occupied New York City for most of the war, and they kept most of their prisoners there. The conditions in these prisons were horrible, and the mortality rate was high. Haring died in prison, probably in 1780. [1]

Revolutionary War New Jersey
Rockleigh Road

Rockleigh Road
Marker is on Rockleigh Rd., just off Piermont Rd.
Map / Directions to the Rockleigh Road Marker

Map / Directions to all Rockleigh NJ Revolutionary War Sites

Rockleigh Road dates back to the colonial era. A historic marker describes the road's history, including its use by troops during the Revolutionary War. [2]

Revolutionary War New Jersey

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