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Pittstown, New Jersey Revolutionary War Sites
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Revolutionary War New Jersey
Pittstown Revolutionary War
Pittstown Revolutionary War

Pittstown Revolutionary War
Pittstown Revolutionary War

Pittstown Revolutionary War
Pittstown Revolutionary War

Bethlehem Presbyterian Church Cemetery
2 Race St.
Map / Directions to Bethlehem Presbyterian Church Cemetery
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The Bethlehem Presbyterian Church Cemetery contains the graves of several Revolutionary War veterans, including: [1]

John Bray
November 13, 1738 - July 7, 1806
Assistant Commissary in General Hospital, Continental Army; Also of the Quartermaster's Department

Colonel Abraham Bonnell
August 4, 1732 - November 1, 1797
Owner of Bonnell's Tavern in Clinton, where a regiment of Minutemen was mustered in  1775.

John Clifford
January 10, 1749 - August 2, 1842
First Lieutenant, Captain Carhart's Company, Second Regiment, Hunterdon County Militia

Colonel Charles Stewart
1729 - June 24, 1800
Served as General Washington's Commissary-General of Issues. His home still stands in Franklin Township.

Revolutionary War New Jersey

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  Additional information about Bonnell and Stewart is detailed and sourced on the Clinton and Franklin Township pages.