Greenwich, New Jersey Revolutionary War Sites
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Greenwich New during the Revolutionary War
Greenwich Tea Burning Monument
Greenwich, New Jersey

Greenwich Tea Burning Monument
Ye Greate St. and Market Ln.
Map / Directions to The Greenwich Tea Burning Monument

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This monument commemorates the Greenwich Tea Burning, which occurred on December 22, 1774. There are 2 plaques at the monument (visible on the left side of the entrance in the above picture) with information about the event, including:
"In the winter of 1774, the American colonies were struggling to define their future relationship with Great Britain. The British tax on tea had sparked the 1773 Boston Tea Party.  The harsh response, to close the port of Boston, lead the First Continental Congress meeting in Philadelphia. Congress's non-importation, non-exportation agreement asked colonists not to buy or sell goods from the mother country as a way of putting economic pressure on England. Not far from this spot, on the dark night on December 22, 1774, some residents of Cumberland County demonstrated their agreement with this recommendation by burning a cargo of British tea." [1]

Greenwich, New Jersey

The Monument, which was dedicated September 30, 1908 [2], lists the names of the following men involved with the Greenwich Tea Burning: [3]

Ebenezer Elmer
Timothy Elmer
James Ewing
Thomas Ewing
Joel Fithian
Philip Vickers Fithian

Lewis Howell
Richard Howell
James B. Hunt
John Hunt
Andrew Hunter Jr.
Joel Miller

Alexander Moore Jr.
Ephraim Newcomb
Silas Newcomb
Clarence Parvin
David Pierson
Stephen Pierson

Henry Seeley
Josiah Seeley
Abraham Sheppard
Henry Stacks
Silas Whittaker

Revolutionary War Sites in Greenwich NJ
James Ewing House
Greenwich, New Jersey

James Ewing House
903 Ye Great St. (Private Home)
Map / Directions to the James Ewing House
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This house is a private residence.
Please respect the privacy and property of the owners.

This house, which was built in 1773, was the home of James Ewing, one of the Greenwich Tea Burners. [4]

Revolutionary War Sites in Greenwich NJ
Greenwich, New Jersey

Old Presbyterian Cemetery
Ye Great St. and Sheppard's Mill Rd.
Map / Directions to the Old Presbyterian Cemetery
Map / Directions to all Greenwich Revolutionary War Sites


This cemetery has the graves of Revolutionary War soldiers, including:.

James Johnson
1742 - 1808
Ensign: 2nd New Jersey Regiment

James B. Hunt
Died August 5, 1821; Age 70

There are other graves here marked as Revolutionary War soldiers, where the names on the gravestones are now unreadable.

Greenwich NJ historic sites

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