Rockaway Borough, New Jersey Revolutionary War Sites
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Revolutionary War Sites in Rockaway Borough NJ
Rockaway Presbyterian Church
Rockaway Borough, New Jersey
General William Winds Gravesite
Rockaway Presbyterian Church
Job Allen Jr Gravesite

Rockaway Presbyterian Church and Cemetery
35 Church St.
Map / Directions to the Rockaway Presbyterian Church
Map / Directions to all Rockaway Borough Revolutionary War Sites

The current Rockaway Presbyterian Church building was built in 1832. It replaced an earlier meeting house, which began construction as a wooden meeting house in 1758. One of the founders of the church was Job Allen Sr., who also built the iron works on the Rockaway River in what is now Denville.  His Son Job Allen Jr, , who served as a captain in the Morris County Militia, completed construction of the church in 1794, . 

Job Allen Jr. is one of many Revolutionary War veterans buried in the church cemetery. His father Job Allen Sr.,  is likely buried here as well, in an unmarked grave. [1]

A historic marker at the church states that, "During struggle for Independence, church furnished leadership and public forum for patriots. " [2]

There are an estimated 47 Revolutionary War soldiers buried in the cemetery, including one General, William Winds, and 1 Hessian Soldier. Revolutionary War soldiers buried here are listed below.  (Soldiers in italics are known/believed to be buried here, but have no grave stone or marker) [3]

William Alger
February 10, 1751 - September 14, 1821
Captain 4th NY Artillery

Job Allen, II
August 27, 1750 - March 16, 1798
Captain - Morris County Cavalry / NJ Militia

Cornelius Anderson
1758 - 1829
Private - Morris County Militia

David Beach
January 18, 1761 - January 31, 1815
Private - Morris County Militia

David Beaman
1730 - December 1802
Served in the Iron Works

Josiah Beaman Sr.

Josiah Beaman Jr.
1732 - 1803
Private - NJ Militia

Timothy Canfield
Died 1809
Private - Morris County Militia

Joseph Casterline
July 5, 1745 - April 18, 1833
Private Morris County / NJ Militia

David Conger
September 7, 1760 - January 20, 1807
Private -Morris County Cav / NJ Militia

Zenas Conger
Private NJ Militia

Joseph DeCamp
November 14, 1759   - December 31, 1800
Served in the Iron Works

Daniel Dickerson
1740 - 1826
3rd Sgt. - NJ Militia
Had also served in French and Indian War

Thomas Dickerson
Died August 1821
Captain - Morris County Militia

John Garrigus
July 11, 1760 - August 13, 1850
Private Continental Line

David Gordon
October 23, 1759 - July 23, 1852
Private - 1st NJ Regiment / Eastern Battalion

William Gordon
1736 - 1777
Captain - Continental Line
Died while in service

John Hall
1760 - 1810
Private- Morris County Militia

Josiah Hall
1743 -1810
Captain - NJ Militia

Silas Hathaway
October 12, 1749 - February 17, 1803
Captain - Morris County Militia

Samuel Hicks
December 9, 1759 - 1833
Private - Col. Matthias Ogden's Regiment

David Hill
September 26, 1758 - July 22, 1825
Captain Morris County / NJ Militia

Christopher Hoagland
1742 - June 27, 1813
Major - NJ Militia

Charles Hoff
November 12, 1756 - July 16, 1811
Private - Continental Line
Manager of the Hibernia Forge

Conrad Hopler
1730 - May 29, 1816
Light Horse Trooper

Dr. Matthew Hunting
Died January 4, 1810
Private - Morris County Militia

John Huntington
1734 - 1783
Quarter Master / NJ Militia Brigade

Stephen Jackson
September 8, 1744 - March 24, 1812
Captain - Morris County Cavalry / NJ Militia

William Ketcham
Died February 20, 1815
Private - Morris County Militia

James Kitchell
September 20, 1759 - December 1, 1842
Private - Continental Line

Moses Lamson
1750 - 1798
Private Morris County / NJ Militia

James Puff Losey
1718 - January 20, 1809
Captain - Morris County Militia

Aaron Lyon
July 1, 1759 - March 1, 1833
Private - Morris County Militia

John McRandel
1753 - May 10, 1823
Private - Morris County Militia

Thomas Miller
1736 - October 14, 1810
Teamster - Wagonmaster General's Dept. / N.J. Militia

Ezekiel Munson
March 27, 1762- September 7, 1828
Private Eastern Battalion NJ Militia

Jacob Palmer
1740 - 1790
Private - Captain Hall's Company / Morris County Militia

David Peer
1762 -1824
Private - Morris County Cavalry / NJ Militia

Jacob Peer

William Ross
1736 - 1807
Private - First Battalion Continental Line

Timothy Southard
October 6, 1736 - January 31, 1777
Private - Morris County Militia

Moses E. Tuttle
November 19, 1732 - July 11, 1819
Private Morris County Militia

Peter Vandervoort
1753- 1830
Private Bergen County, N.J. Militia

Abram VanWinkle
Private - Captain Hall's Co. M.C. Militia

Mark Walton
Died August 22, 1817
Captain - Morris County Militia

Brigadier General William Winds
1727 - 1789
Brigadier General - NJ Militia
Had also served in French and Indian War

Leopold Zindle
Died in 1821
Hessian Soldier

Rockaway Borough NJ Revolutionary War Sites
Stephen Jackson House
Rockaway Borough, NJ Revolutionary Sites
Stephen Jackson House
40 East Main St.
(Private Home)
Map / Directions to the Stephen Jackson House

Map / Directions to all Rockaway Borough Revolutionary War Sites

This house is used as a convent by the Sacred Heart Church.
Please respect the privacy and property of the owners.

The house, which is now used as a convent by Sacred Heart Church, was once the home of Captain Stephen Jackson.   Jackson  was a member of George Washington's bodyguard, and in 1780, Washington stopped here for refreshments. [4] Captain Jackson is buried in the Rockaway Presbyterian Church (see above listing).

Rockaway Borough NJ Revolutionary War Sites


1. ^ Information was drawn from:
        • Email correspondence with cemetery sexton Robert W. Nichols
        • J. Percy Crayon Rockaway Records of Morris County, N.J. Families (Rockaway, Rockaway Publishing Co. 1902 / Reprinted 1982 by Historical Society of Boonton Township, Inc.) Available to be read online at the Internet Archive Here

2. ^ Morris County Heritage Commission sign

3. ^  Information for the 31 soldiers with grave stones and markers is is drawn from those stones/markers.
Information for the the other 17 soldiers who do not have grave stones or markers (shown in italics) was supplied to me by the church's cemetery sexton Robert W. Nichols in phone/email communication.
His information is based on his own research and church records.

4. ^ Morris County Heritage Commission sign

I would like to thank Robert W. Nichols for generously taking the time to speak and correspond with me on numerous occasion, and provide me with information for the Rockaway Presbyterian Church and Cemetery listing.

Rockaway Borough NJ historic sites